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Customer Support

Do you need help with an issue with your app or billing, we are happy to help. Please reach out directly and someone will get with you regarding your problem. Drop us a line.

Provider Support

Are you a SpaDash Provder and are in need of support? The best way to get to us is to use your SpaDash app to reach out, but if you'd rather drop us an email, use this to do so.

General Inquiry

If you have general questions about SpaDash we would love to answer your inquiries. Email us and someone will reach back out to you to get an answer your way.

Complaints with State

For complaints with Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, you may file a complaint through their online complaint filing system at Complaints filed online:

  • Are received immediately
  • Do not require downloading of complaint forms
  • May be completed during a time convenient for the complainant

Anyone may also file a complaint by simply contacting the Department by phone at 1-800-803-9202 or (512) 539-5600, by fax at (512) 539-5698, by mail at Enforcement Division, P.O. Box 12157, Austin, Texas 78711, or e-mail at