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At Home Haircuts

Haircuts at Home

Getting an at home haircut is one of the most convenient and safest ways to get your haircut and grooming. There is nothing safer than to avoid large areas where people congregate. An at home haircut with SpaDash eliminates waiting areas and limits your exposure to many people.

Having a one-on-one at home haircut with a SpaDash barber or stylist allows you to save time and stay safe.

Save Time

Nothing is as frustrating as wasting time. How much time do you spend sitting in traffic driving to a salon and then sitting in a waiting area when you there? All of that time is saved when you order a SpaDash Provider to come cut your hair at home.

Getting you and your family's haircut at home allows you to spend all that time you would have wasted driving and waiting on other activities. Get those chores out of the way, play some games, do whatever. Anything is better than sitting in a waiting area.

Mobile Haircut Delivery

At Home Hair Salon

Just because you are getting your haircut at home with SpaDash doesn't mean you don't get the full salon experience. We bring a mobile hair salon station to you and set it up wherever you want.

Having a full salon setup for your haircut at home allows you to see exactly what's going on with your haircut. The mobile salon has a full lit mirror and makes your haircut in the comfort of your enviornment the best it can be.

Licensed Hair Care Professionals

All SpaDash mobile hair stylists are licensed professionals in the state of Texas. Each has been vetted by the state to conform to strict guidelines to ensure they not only get trained but pass the state test on correct techniques, but also sanitation and safety requirements.

At Home Haircuts App

Getting an at home haircut is as easy as it can be. Just download the SpaDash app from the app store on your iOS or Android devices. The app will automatically figure out what hair stylists are in your area and offer you availability for you at home. You even have the option to select an outdoor haircut, if you want

All aspects of your haircut appointment will be handeld through the app, including scheduling, notifying you of when your stylist is on the way and even payment all right from your phone.