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Eight Classic Haircuts for Teen Boys

In the era of making fashion statements, everybody wants to project an attractive image of themselves. Be it a professional adult or teenagers in school, all have the desire to be in trend and make fashion statements. Gone is the time when a boy hosted a bowl cut until he hit college. Now, from the moment one is able to look in the mirror and recognize it is their reflection staring back, they form opinions on the image they want to create for themselves. Very early in life have people understood, that images are largely concerned with how one looks the part, in addition to how one plays the part. Which means your hair, your attire – everything has something to say about you. It is for you to decide, what it gets to say when it comes to a haircut for teen boys.

From an early age, boys are exposed to the outside world, especially with the advent of the internet. Sports are followed and soon teen boys develop idols, those who they wish to be like when they grow up, and until they aren’t grown, wish to look like them. Boys with the love for soccer often line up for a haircut resembling David Beckham’s, while tennis-lovers who have long locks admire Rafael Nadal’s hair. Be it sports stars, movie stars, or gamers, all have made a special place in the hearts (and dressing routine!) of teen boys.

However, with the highly-competitive world of today, the burden of school work and assignments is high. There is greater work and no time to spare. Thus seldom does the young boy get the opportunity to fulfill his wish of getting the haircut he wants. Not to worry, because the arrival of mobile haircuts takes care of all the haircut needs of the boy, in the comfort of their own home. Imagine not having to leave your home even when in dire need of a haircut. Instead, you could finish your assignment or study for that difficult upcoming quiz, whilst your hair gets tended to. With professionals knowing a large variety of current and trending haircut styles, you need only say the word, and lo and behold, the haircut of your dreams awaits you.

To ease your decision-making process, some of the many haircut styles are as follows:

  1. Spiky Hair

A style which has been in trend for as long as we can remember, every teenager wishes to get the spiky haircut at least once in his life. With a long top and trimmed sides, this look is for those searching for funk and edge. Many opt to get completely shaved sides, and a top portion full of hair, for an enhanced effect. The spikes come in later, especially for those with straight/silky hair, a bit of water or gel, and hair turned upwards - Voila, the spiky haircut awaits you.

  1. The Fauxhawk

With young boys possessing the love for spikes, the Fauxhawk is another option for spiky hair. With shorter sides and longer hair on top, the cut has the benefit of being easily style-able. The hair on top can be managed when in school, and given its spiky demeanor when in the mood to have fun. Thus much better for the young boy instead of the Mohawk, the Fauxhawk holds the quality of being made school-appropriate.

  1. Brush-Cut

A rather traditional deviation from the funky spiked hair is the brush cut. Featuring short, tapered sides and a medium-length top this is a classic haircut for boys of all young ages. With a textured front and the hair sticking upwards like the bristles of a brush, this haircut is stylish yet low-maintenance – just what a teen boy needs.

  1. Faded Haircut

An evergreen style, the faded haircut has been on the list for many due to the variations it offers – high, low, and regular fade. For teenage boys, a short fade is the way to go. Starting low, it goes up to the crown, with the top sporting heavy hair. A great cut for those with curly hair, this manages to show off the curls in all their glory, whilst also being easy to manage.

  1. Textured Hair

A great cut suiting all hair types, the textured hair calls for messy hair with a fashionable outlook. With slightly faded sides and back, the top of the head is where the ‘messy’ part exists. The hair is cut in an angle to add greater shape to the hair. Toning down the volume for those with thick hair, whilst creating fuller and structured hair for those possessing thin hair, this cut is one for many.

  1. The Ivy League Haircut

Wish to make a fashion statement? This haircut is the one you need. The top of the head is cut short, as are the sides and back. However, the degree of shortness varies across hair types and lengths, with the different short lengths blending in as one moves down. The front of the head is where the magic happens; cut long, it is enough to be styled into a side part – giving Princeton and Harvard vibes.

  1. The Quiff

A very modern haircut indeed, the quiff is bound to impress many. Sporting a short back and sides, the quiff is the comparably longer front of the hair, which is then swept upwards and backward for greater effect. A less precise take on the pompadour, the quiff is more suitable and easily manageable for teenage boys.

  1. The Classic Comb-Over

A style for the mature and subtle, yet young boy, the classic comb-over is a favorite. Although sporting short sides faded sides, the top is longer. The length allows for it to be swept back, or parted sideways in a sleek manner. Formal and appropriate for graduations and weddings in the family, this cut is one that suits most face structures.

A large variety of haircuts to choose from and look your trendy best, the decision of the cut is yours. However, with mobile barbers, it has been made easily achievable for the fashionable teen boys, and to-be young men.

A life of ease and convenience, and a good study routine? Yes, please!