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Eight Kid's Haircuts Easily Done By Mobile Barbers

In today’s world, it seems as if time flies by and we arrive at ‘that’ time every few months; a trip to the hair salon to get the kids a haircut. The idea presents itself with flashbacks of the previous time the kids were taken for a haircut. With one crying at the sight of the scissor coming near him, or the other not liking the chair assigned to them. Many times the visit takes an awry turn when there is an extra wait to get into a barber’s chair, or the usual hairdresser the kids had gotten to like, is not in for the day. Oh, how the shrieks and tantrums still echo in our ears each time we visit the salon. But this experience is bound to change with the advent of mobile haircuts.

A comparatively newer concept, mobile barbers involve visits of the hairdresser to our own home, or wherever we intend to call them. This eliminates the need for multiple visits to the salon or the waiting in line for our turn to arrive. Especially in the case of children’s haircuts, it acts as a savior as it takes away the thought that children might feel uncomfortable in the salon. Hairstylists are booked prior to the day of appointment, and in line with our schedule. We also get to choose the hairdresser we desire, ensuring that we get the type and quality of haircut we have been longing for.

Nowadays, when people need to ‘look the part’ and ‘walk the talk’, there is the need to put forth a certain image, and hair is a predominant part of that persona we intend to create. This is not just limited to adults, but also children. Spending most of their leisure time playing games on tablets and mobile phones, or watching YouTube videos, children have started becoming more concerned with what they look like; their hair, their clothes, etc. Watching a certain fictional character, they wish to have hair like him, or want a cut similar to what their friend has in school. They want to be able to decide how they look, and thus the need has for fashionable and trendy haircuts for children, has risen. There are many benefits to mobile barbers for kids and getting their haircut chore done.

Here are 8 haircut styles for children to make them look their best:

  1. Bob Cut: The go-to haircut choice of many parents for their children is the bob cut. Not being gender-specific, this cut entails hair being cut straight across at the bottom, whilst bangs are cut to fall just above or at eyebrow length. For girls, the cut’s length varies between below chin and above the shoulders, whilst the boys usually have it at the ear’s end length. This style is bound to suit those especially with straight hair.

  2. Bowl Cut: Another non-gender specific cut, the Bowl Cut consists of hair cut around at a similar level, with the front stooping until the eyebrows. However, the hair is way above the ears, and thus this disconnection has given it the name of the ‘bowl’ cut. As if a bowl was placed on the head and the hair cut with its outlines.

  3. Mohawk: Inspired by footballers, the Mohawk is a cut many young boys aspire to have. With completely shaven sides, or faded in the case of a Fohawk, there is a thin strip of hair in the middle of the head, going from the front to the back. This strip is usually styled as upright spikes, for a much cooler look.

  4. The Undercut: A very famous cut amongst boys, the Undercut features heavy hair on the top of the head, whilst the sides and behind of the head are trimmed quite short. Exactly how short they have to be depends upon our own choice. However, the longer hair on top and the shorter below are not blended in. Instead, they give a ruffled yet fashionable aura to all those who opt for this haircut.

  5. Spiky Hair: Another haircut popular amongst boys is that of spiky hair. With the hair cut in differing levels on the top and sides, the longer hair is then treated as spikes. With the help of gel, or perhaps even some water, the hair is made to stand in the form of spikes from the head, displaying the image of a ‘cool’ kid.

  6. Side-Parted Bangs: No matter what the haircut, bangs make all the difference. With already cute kids, their innocence is magnified when those strips of hair fall on their heads, cut in the form of bangs. Side-parted bangs are especially a wonderful cut for little girls, as a portion of their hair falls on one side of their forehead. Bangs work for all hair types, whether wavy or straight.

  7. Wavy Layered Hairstyle: For those young girls who love to wear their hair long, the wavy layered hairstyle is an absolute gem. With the hair cut in different lengths, the upper ones usually are cut shorter than the ones beneath. After which they are blended in, to give a more casual, yet chic vibe. Pair it up with some bangs and the little diva is ready to rock.

  8. Center-Parted Hair: This style has the benefit of suiting all hair lengths. The hair is parted in the middle and then cut across, giving a completely uniform length all over. Devoid of bangs or layers, this is a fairly easier haircut to manage.

With the ease mobile haircuts brings with itself, it takes away over half of your worries. Do not want to leave the house alone? Wish to attend to chores whilst the children get a haircut? Finding it difficult to travel all the way to the salon with kids in tow? Or if you wish to find some ‘me-time’ in your personal space, getting your hair needs tended to whilst in the comfort of your own house? Then fret not. The idea of mobile hairdressing brings with itself all this, and more advantages for you, so that getting a nice and trendy haircut is never a hassle for you.