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Five Advantages of Getting Your Hair Cut at Your Office

In the era when the notion of ‘dress to impress’ holds immense importance, one realizes the relevance appearance holds in the corporate world. Rushing to a job interview, with formal attire but disheveled hair? Tough chance of getting the post.

Chairing a meeting and your hair is untidy with split ends? There is a greater chance of your subordinates focusing on your messy hair than the content of the meeting itself. Thereby, stressing upon the need for well-kept hair and appearance, for a flourishing corporate life.

It is said that the ‘first impression is the last impression’. This largely holds true for office-going professionals. Your appearance on the first day of work has a great impact on how your image will be projected to others. That image depends on how you present yourself. It is commonly observed that sometimes, professionals who look and dress smart, only do so for the initial period of the employment, after which there is diminishing maintenance of themselves, whilst the workload doubles. A good professional is always considered one who is a multi-tasker; able to fulfill theirs, as well as their employers’ needs with perfection. However, we understand this is easier said than done.

Having to make time for yourself and your hair needs is a difficult feat. However, the arrival of mobile dressing has made it easier for you to achieve that benchmark of a multi-tasker. The hairdresser can be booked with the simple touch on an application or via the website, ensuring less time wastage for the already busy professionals. The hairdresser will arrive wherever you instruct them to, whether it is your abode or your office. Gone are the days when you would fret over how much time a haircut would consume, as a pile of workload glanced at you from the desk. Or whilst the appointments of meetings for the day kept popping out of the calendar, as if to stop you from performing this crucial and rare task entailing yourself and your needs. The click of a button, and you can set a time and hairdresser which suits best to your wants. The click of a button and the hairdresser arrives at your doorstep, fully equipped with giving you the look you desire and deserve.

How are such mobile hairstylists better for busy office-going professionals? The advantages are immense, with some explored below:

  1. Remain in work-mode. When you are at work, there is a certain zone you get into – the work zone. That time when your concentration at work is at its peak, and your productivity, it’s highest. During such times, chores such as getting haircuts, or going to the salon for your routinely necessities seems like a hindrance. They break your focus, reducing your efficiency, thereby resulting in an adverse effect on the work you generate, which will not receive good feedback from your employer. Mobile hairdressing ensures that when you are in the work-mode, you remain so. The hairdresser can easily come to your office space, and attend to your hair care needs as you finish your work. Have deadlines to meet, or clients to prepare for? You can do all of that and more, whilst also getting your haircut. Just order a mobile barber to your office. Win-win.

  2. Hassle-free. Although getting a haircut may seem like a simple task, it rarely ever is. Before visiting the hairdresser, an appointment must be made. Going to the salon means traveling some distance. Then searching for a parking spot to park your vehicle is again, a great hassle, and very rarely does a spot open up as soon as you visit. Cherry on top, if urgent work pops up when you’re visiting the salon, say goodbye to your haircut. With mobile barbers you just tell your barber what you want and you could get your hair cut while you work.

  3. More efficient. As business professionals, you are aware of the notion; ‘time is money’. Thus efficient time management ranks on top of your list. Going to the salon, waiting for a parking spot, all take time, on top of being a hassle. And God forbid if you have forgotten to make an appointment prior to coming, a long queue of clients awaits you.

As you wait for your turn, a million pending errands run through your head, and coming to the salon appears like a bad idea. Especially for people working in the stock market, time is money (pun intended). Thus any time wasted or lost, has huge repercussions. Such inefficiencies would not have to borne had a mobile hairdresser been opted for instead. The barber would arrive where you call them, attend to your needs only (so no waiting), and leave.

  1. No clash of work schedules and salon timings. In many professions, one is required to work late hours. Whether it be them doing overtime, casual late-work culture, or odd prescribed hours of the job itself, the schedule clashes with salon timings. Skipping work for a haircut seems like an unviable option, thus in such times, mobile hairdressing enters as a savior – fulfilling our hair needs in the comfort of our workspace. You no longer have to try and fit a salon visit in the already thin lunch break. Instead, adjust the haircut appointment with your work schedule, rather than the traditional, other way round.

  2. Save Money. If the previous reasons weren’t enough to convince you, this surely is. As working professionals, you are aware of your money’s worth and your time’s worth. You know how difficult it is to earn, and thus always hope to spend wisely. Most often, mobile haircuts are a much inexpensive alternative to getting haircuts done from salons because of opportunity cost.

A mobile haircut may have a small convenience fee tied to it, but if you make more than $10 per hour, the time savings you get actually has you coming out ahead. Your time is worth more than the convenience fee with the 30 minutes to 60 minutes you will save. Continue making money at work whilst you save money with the haircut, all in the comfort of your office. A great financial combination indeed. Whether it is a haircut for a man or woman, either way it makes great sense.

The advent of mobile hairdressing has been for your convenience and ease, whilst assuring quality service. To help you in making that great first impression, to aid you in becoming a multi-tasker at work, and to ensure efficiency and productivity, mobile hairdressing is the friend busy professionals never knew they wanted.