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Is It Safe To Get a Haircut?

Things we used to take for granted are now being questioned what the safety level is. Every chore or task we have to get done becomes analyzed to ensure the safety of ourselves and those we love. Haircuts are a necessary part of our personal appearance, hygiene and overall well-being. There are definitely safe way to get your hair cut. Getting your haircut delivered to you ensures you stay safe and stay in style.

Haircut delivery, is the safest way to get a haircut. Rather than traveling to a barbershop or a hairsalon, have a licensed hair care professional come to your home or office to cut your hair instead. This eliminates the need to be around groups of other people in a waiting area and inside a barbershop or hair salon.

Think of the amount of time you spend waiting in a salon waiting area with a group of others. This time exposes you and your family to not only a bunch of time wasted, many of that time wearing a mask. Not only is there the issue of discomfort and wasted time, but also just the law of numbers of sitting in a static area around other people. Rather than getting your haircut where hundreds of people have been through that space in the last day or two, you can have your haircut where only you and your family have been. Also rather than having 5-10 staffers at a barbershop, you are limiting your exposure to just one other person, that has gone through a series of disinfecting exercises prior to arriving at your space.

Dr. Richard A. White, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., in Chemistry, Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology. who completed a 5-year postdoctoral fellowship at Mayo Graduate School of Medicine said, “Coronavirus and exposure to it comes through contact with those infected, much like Influenza. The best course of action is to avoid areas with prolonged exposure to others who may be carriers. Barbershops, hair salons and any other areas with a large number of people waiting should be avoided to be safer.”

Other ways to ensure you are staying safe during your grooming include ensuring you and your stylist wear a mask during the procedure. This has been shown to limit the spread of disease and illness. Masks that loop around your ears are best to provide protection while at the same time giving the appropriate amount of access to your hair for your stylist to perform a haircut more easily. Masks that tie around the back of your head can be a problem and cause the haircut to take longer than needed.

SpaDash uses a one-time-use hair tarp when performing mobile haircuts. The tarp is placed on the ground to catch all debris and to remove contamination of your elements. In a hair salon or barbershop, there have been hundreds of other people’s hair put into the air and environment. Having a haircut in your home or office limits that to only you and your family’s hair. Giving you a safe haircut every time.

The best way to keep your haircut safe is to ensure the equipment that is being used has been sanitized effectively. Licensed hair stylists have gone through extensive training on how to best disinfect their haircutting utensils. Having the equipment that you sit in and have exposure must also be disinfected. SpaDash Haircut Delivery employs the same solution used by hospital labs to disinfect the equipment used between every appointment.

Another way SpaDash can help your concerns of safety when getting a haircut is by performing the haircut outdoors. Many have opted for this to limit exposure in confined areas even more. This service is available during select times of the day to keep everyone comfortable and safe from heat exhaustion.

You have enough other stuff to worry about, getting a haircut shouldn’t be one of them. Order a mobile haircuts and get the safest haircut you can. Stay Safe. Stay in Style.