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Tips on Long Hair Care - Mobile Haircuts

Tips on Long Hair Care - Mobile Haircuts, Updos and the Right Tools

Sporting a long hair style can be very stylish and is a classic and timeless look. For that reason many women prefer to wear lengthy, free-flowing hairstyles rather than opting for a shorter style that may be trendy during a particular period. Let’s face it though, long hair can also become boring if not given the proper attention to keep it fresh and exciting. In fact, getting bored with a hairstyle is a primary reason why women get tired of their long hair style and choose to try a different style.

There may very well be never-ending options when it comes to styling long hair; you really just have to know when and how to make a change to it in order to keep your long hair style looking fresh, stylish and up-to-date. It very well may take a little bit of practice at first, however you will be able to quickly make exciting new looks with a few simple tricks in no time at all.

Straight and sleek hair style

One of the best tools you need to have if you have long hair is a high quality ceramic straightening iron. An investment in a great flat iron can help you achieve sleek, silky, shiny and flowing hair in minutes. No matter if the texture of your long hair is naturally curly and frizzy, you can change your long hair style almost instantly with a flat iron. We are talking being able to go from having curly and frizzy hair to straight, long hair in 10 minutes or less.

Achieving sleek, long hair is almost exclusively in the tools and products you use. It cannot be stated strongly enough that having a quality ceramic iron, a shine product and finishing spray are the absolute keys to your success in achieving the look you want. Start off the process by applying the shine product your hair. Ensure your hair is nice and dry. Next, run the flat iron through your hair starting from the roots to the tips. The ceramic iron if ran smoothly over the hair will infuse moisture and shine into the hair as it goes. This process will create healthy and shiny hair. The step to finishing your hair style is to apply a tiny amount of finishing spray.

Textured and curly long hair style

If you have long hair and it already has curls or waves, you will be able to enact this hairstyle with hardly any action at all. First apply a little gel and scrunch your curl into place by light running a diffused blow dryer over the hair as you scrunch with your fist. After scrunching and blow drying all areas, apply a holding spray by lightly spritzing here and there to get a long hold for your long hair cut style.

If your hair is just naturally straight and doesn’t have the curl or bounce of some, achieve the same look through the use of hot or tube rollers in the hair. The products you use and how you use them hold the key to how successful this process will be for getting that clean, curly look you desire. Using a good quality finishing spray is also very important. Probably not as important as using a high-quality ceramic iron as above, but still very important. Spritz the finishing spray over your long hair before and after you roll it. When complete, then use a fine spritz to add shine and a finished look. Gently run your fingers through the curls in order to get a natural look with tons of shine.

Updos and long hair style

An updo is a hairstyle technique where the hair is piled up on the head using many different options. One of the easiest and most essential tricks to change your look when you have long hair is to wear it up. While it may take a little creativity, your long hair pulled up into a stylish placement only takes a few seconds to achieve and can achieve dramatic changes to your look and style.

Mobile Haircuts

While the above suggestions are ways that you can change the look of your hair and your overall appearance, each of them takes some time and practice to be able to execute on. Some of them even require you purchase tools to get that special look. The easiest way for you to change your look and freshen up your hair style is to get a haircut. By no means does this advocate for cutting off your well-earned locks to a shorter version, but getting a trim and taking an inch or two off your hair will not only drastically change its appearance, it will also help to keep the split ends away and make you have healthier hair overall.

Getting a haircut at a traditional hair salon or barbershop can be very time consuming, however. Finding an appointment that works with your schedule, then driving to the salon and waiting for the barber’s chair to become free all is a complete waste of your valuable time. In today’s economy there is are way better ways of getting your haircuts complete and be able to do them even more often.

Mobile haircuts are the way to achieve getting a haircut on your own time. The person that cuts your hair and styles it has the same credentials and licenses as a beauty professional as the ones working in a barbershop or a hair salon, the only difference is they bring the salon to you. This allows you to do other meaningful things with your time rather than driving and waiting.

A good use of the time you save would be to practice your updos for that special event coming up.

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