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Men Haircuts For Summer

The warm weather is here meaning you may want to go shorter or at least mix things up a bit. SpaDash has you covered. We deliver the hottest men’s haircuts for summer.

The Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a cool and low-maintenance summer cut. Many men who normally stay away from this super short look are embracing the buzz by balancing things out with their facial hair. The classic buzz isn’t your only option as we can go a little bit longer on top or fade gradually from top to bottom. The key to rocking any close cut is to make sure it’s touched up every 4 weeks.

The Undercut

Another way to mix things up for summer is to undercut the sides and back of your hair. This look works for both straight and curly hairstyles, with short or medium length hair. The undercut can be even or fade from top to bottom.

Quiff Or Pompadour

This look was worn for years by David Beckham. Shorter sides and bottom, with a medium length on top, and styled with a bit of volume. This hairstyle works best if your hair naturally has a bit of wave. Perfect for men of every fashion sense, from the buttoned-up but on-trend professional to the casual cool hipster. Thanks to the length you can have fun with this one. It can be worn slicked back, to the side, or parted.

The Modern Spiked Hair

Super gelled spikes are dated and won’t work for most professionals but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock a bit of lift. Opt for faded sides and use a soft pomade to spike things up a bit. As with all short hair styles the key is to never let your hair get too long. For a professional look, this men’s haircut needs to stay at an inch or so.

Shaggy Chic

Just because you prefer a shag doesn’t mean your hair should look unkempt. Shaggy hair works for curly and straight but needs to be cut or layered to properly frame your features. If it gets too overgrown it will look messy instead of intentional.

Classic Gentleman

If classic cuts are more your style, we have got you covered. From a French crop to a side part we can take things a bit shorter for summer or update your shape a bit. The goal is to ensure the style and length complement your facial features.

Don’t Forget Your Beard!

With things warming up a long beard may be too hot for summer. Not to worry as you can make the move to short beard, beardstach, everyday stubble, or a summer goatee. We’ll walk you through the maintenance of your new hair and beard.

Not to worry if you don’t know precisely what men’s haircut you want as your SpaDash men’s barber will talk you through your goals and find a style and length that makes you look your best for the hot summer months and through all the seasons of your style.