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Mobile Haircuts Are The Future Of Haircuts

Hair salons or barbershops have been around for hundreds of years. It is well known and widely accepted that we are all living insanely busy lives, we can all agree on that. A lot of things take our time from us: our insanely busy and demanding jobs, kids, working out, commuting, cooking, cleaning, school… But there are so many things that take away our time without us even noticing it: doctor’s appointments, nail appointments, and most importantly, haircutting appointments. That is the time that is wasted without you even noticing.

A number of studies has shown that we waste between 40 minutes to hour and a half just on getting our hair cut each time we do it. So, let’s say that you get your hair cut every two months (even though men get haircuts much more often). That means that, yearly, you spend a whole day just commuting to get your hair cut, waiting to get your haircut and getting your hair cut.

What would you do with an extra day off? Would you be working, would you spend it with family, with friends or would you use that time simply for relaxation and just for yourself? You can reclaim that time with SpaDash.

SpaDash is an on-demand mobile barber service that cuts out all the commuting and waiting and comes directly to the give location. By downloading the SpaDash app, you can order a mobile barber for men’s haircuts, women’s haircuts or kids’ haircuts and have an insured and licensed hair stylist come right to your location at the time you choose. The mobile barbers that come to your location are going to bring all the necessary tools to cut and style your hair.

With SpaDash and their mobile barbers, you are going to get the service of your hair being cut and styled just like you would at the hair salon, just without having to drive there and wait for hours upon hours. SpaDash provides men’s haircuts, women’s haircuts and kids’ haircuts that you would receive in a salon, by licensed hair stylist, just in the comfort of your own home!

If you can’t already see why this is convenient, here are just some things you don’t have to do when a mobile barber visits you: • You don’t have to leave your home, your business or your children • You don’t have to catch a taxi, drive to the hair salon, get caught in traffic, or find a car parking spot-the mobile barber will come to you • You don’t have to waste time in a hair salon waiting. While you are waiting for your mobile barber at home you can cook, clean up, play with the kids or simply watch TV and relax • You don’t have to put on make-up and change into “clothes for outside”; our mobile barbers do not care about the old clothes you may be wearing • You do not have to postpone important meetings or appointments in order to get your hair cut

Having a mobile barber come to you is all about having a haircut or formal hairstyle done in the comfort and convenience of your own home. It does not matter if you need men’s haircuts, women’s haircuts or kids’ haircuts; our mobile barbers can do it all!

A SpaDash’s mobile barber can be ordered through the app. The best thing about that is that you can set the time that you need a mobile barber to come in and do your hair. You might be used to schedule all your haircut appointments weeks beforehand, but imagine this: you were just told that you have to go and do something very important and your haircut is long overdue? There is no way you would get into a traditional barber or hair salon on those terms. At least not a good one.

SpaDash makes this possible. We have a network full of mobile barbers working in all parts of the city. And your perfect mobile barber is just few clicks away from you. You can also pick the mobile barber that you think fits your needs perfectly, depending on if you need men’s haircuts, women’s haircuts and kids’ haircuts or some different type of hairstyling.

In case you do not care about who cuts your hair, you can just pick a qualified and certified mobile barber that is near you. The mobile barber will come to your door and cut your hair, no time lost and no effort invested.