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Seven Classic Women's Haircut Styles

Hair speaks volumes for your personality (pun not intended). With layers and blow-dried hair showing, you are casual but in trend, or the long one-length hair tied up in a high ponytail for school and college girls alike. The sleek and absolute straight hair for the businesswoman or the bob cuts, for those with the love of short hair, alongside the desire to look fashionable.

The process of getting a haircut is repeated every 2 months or beyond, varying across individuals. But what all of them involve is a very careful thought process. The type of cut, the length of hair, the purpose of the cut, everything has to be carefully thought out prior to proceeding to the hairdresser.

Is there a wedding coming up in the family and you wish to grow your hair out to be able to accommodate all the trendy styles you are longing to make? Or is it too hot to bear the burden of long hair, and so you wish to get them shortened, but not just short, rather a fashionable short cut. When your heart tells you the answer to these questions, you hurry to the salon to get the haircut of your dreams, only to realize, your hairstylist, the one you almost always get a haircut from, is on vacation, taking your plans of getting a beautiful haircut, with itself on holiday.

SpaDash is here to ensure nothing of this sort happens. With the inventive idea of mobile hairdressing, it ensures that you get the appointment from your favorite hairdresser with only a click via a phone application. More so, the hairstylist will come to your abode, rather than the other way round, saving your time. You do not have to drive to the salon, nor face the time lags in queuing and waiting for your turn. You will not have to call the salon every time before visiting just to find out whether your hairdresser is in for the day or not. SpaDash takes all of your worries away, by providing mobile, talented and capable hairdressers, because it understands the importance of time, as well as the need to look, well, on point, at all times.

Here are seven of the classic hairstyles for women:

  1. Lob: A lob, short for long bob, is a cut to suit many face shapes and sizes. With hair length just till the shoulders, this hairstyle meanders between a bob and having long hair. Pair it up with bangs or fringes at the front, and blow-dry them a bit, and you are good to go.

  2. Pixie Cut: A very in trend and fashionable haircut is the pixie cut. With short hair on the sides and back, and long hair at the top, this cut is easy to manage and works well on most occasions. Usually accompanied with long bangs at the front to make a greater statement, this haircut is one which has even been tried by celebrities the likes of Katy Perry and Audrey Hepburn in the past.

  3. Layered Cut: A cut loved by many, layers has managed to be one of the go-to styles for women due to the variety it offers. Whether it is on very long hair or medium-length hair, it works well for all. The hair is arranged into an array of layers, varying in lengths, with usually the top ones shorter, and the ones beneath being longer. The differently sized layers are then blended in with the others, to give a modern yet casual look. These can then be styled in the form of beach waves or sleek and straight, depending upon the occasion you are getting dressed for.

  4. Tapered Cut: Designed in a way to mostly suit all face cuts and forms, the best aspect about the tapered haircut if the personalization it offers. Sporting a short haircut, the hair gets shorter as you move behind the ears and to the back. Especially good for curly hair, this cut has the ability to accentuate your facial features; draw that attention to your beautiful eyes as you truly deserve, or show off your amazing makeup skills.

  5. A-Line Bob: Another very trendy haircut is the A-line bob. It includes having hair that is shorter in the back, and increases in length as it reaches the front, thereby reaching a length which is approximately below the chin, but higher than shoulder length. Especially when coupled with straight hair, this cut is bound to make heads turn.

  6. Blunt Bangs: Whether it be long hair or short hair, bangs make all the difference in making you stand out of the crowd. The blunt bangs cut across in a straight line, suited best on round, or oval-shaped faces. Some people choose to keep them at eyebrow length, or a bit higher, depending on their preference. With Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift also seen rocking this cut, what more could you want?

  7. U-Shaped Haircut: The safest cut for all occasions, the U-shaped cut gives one the leverage they need in making hairstyles. A tad bit shorter at the front and elongating as it goes around the back, this cut resembles a ā€œUā€, hence the name. With the benefit of being easily manageable for all sorts of hair, this style rocks all looks, whether it be straightened, curled, or left open as wavy hair.

With the need to be in trend always, and the options of haircuts increasing with the passing of each day, SpaDash takes over the responsibility to give you the haircut you have always dreamed, with the benefit of your ease. No longer do you need to worry about who to leave the kids with if you go to the salon, or how to visit the hairdresser and be back, all during the little break you get during work and meetings. SpaDash gives you the aspect of mobile hairdressing; to take care of your hair needs and give you the look you truly desire.