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Seven Hairstyles for Women

In the fast-paced world of today, change occurs rapidly. As frequent as the change in weather, or a change in our mood, trends come and go. Whether it be clothing and makeover trends, or the very important hair trends. Hair is a major part of the persona we want to create for ourselves, and thus what we end up doing with our hair, how we wear it, how we style it, how we get it cut, all holds immense importance.

With the change in trends, the need to keep up with trends also arises. However, seldom does one get the time to learn a great many hairstyles. With our hectic lifestyles and busy routines, sometimes even brushing our hair to make it look ‘presentable’ seems like a difficult task. Oh, how the alarm bell rings in the morning, and to get up and brush our teeth seems like an impossible feat, let alone going to a hairsalon to make a chic and different hairstyle each day. Another option to get our hair done consists of a visit to the salon, but then again, how many times could we visit a hair salon? The drive to the barbershop, the making of appointments, the waiting in line, all requires time and effort. With such busy schedules, this seems impractical and undesirable. However, the onset of mobile hairdressing has easily catered to these needs of ours, making getting our hair done an easily achievable feat.

The advent of mobile hairdressing has meant home delivery of haircuts and styles. In the comfort of our own house, the hairstylist of our choice will visit on a time selected by us, to fulfill our hair needs, especially for women’s haircuts and styling. Whether we wish to get our hair blow-dried, and are unable to make it to the salon, or when there is a wedding to attend in the evening, but leaving the house alone with children seems like an unviable option. The idea of mobile hairdressing comes as a miracle-worker, as the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella, to tend to our hair needs when we are pressed for time.

With a great variety of in-trend hairstyles, sometimes it may become difficult to select a single one. To ease the selection process, some of the popular ones are as following:

  1. Loose Braid As summer arrives, so does the need to tie hair. However, with the overpowering desire to look fashionable as well, the loose braid comes as a hairstyle many opt for. Working well with wavy hair, a braid could be formed beginning from shoulder length. With many strands messily intertwined in the braid, it ends up giving a casual yet chic look. A side loose braid could also end up enhancing the look for all those who wish for their hair to be the center of attention.

  2. Voluminous Curls For all those possessing long hair and the love for curls, the voluminous curls hairstyle is one to become a straight favorite. Its best aspect is of being accommodative for all hair types; curly, wavy and straight. With the curling iron working its wonders, the hair could also be combed afterward for a more carefree look. Whilst volume could be enhanced with a little backcombing or volumizing hairspray.

  3. Beach Waves Hairstyle A very casual style that works for everyday looks, the Beach Waves are also easily attainable. A large barrel curling iron or flat iron, both could work to achieve this style, though not a lot of heat is required. Pass your hands in your hair afterward for the curls to loosen, and the waves to become more prominent. Lo and behold, the soft waves are here to stun all.

  4. Ponytail It is impossible to list hairstyles and not have the evergreen ponytail on it. Ranking high on the chart of desirability, the best part of the ponytail is the variation it offers. Whether it is a sleek high pony, for a casual school/work day made with the help of a flat iron, or a chicer one where the sleek pony also includes a center braid, the hairstyles are bound to make heads turn. Those with bangs can also wear them open for a more enhanced look.

  5. Chignon A very popular hairstyle, especially amongst working women, the Chignon features hair tied in a knot at the back of the head. Braids can also be incorporated in this style, or the usual sleek look could also be opted for by those with straight hair. The style though seeming simple enough, can be upped with the help of beautiful hairpins, and barrettes, giving a Greek Goddess-y vibe, enchanting those who gaze upon it.

  6. Fishtail Braid Another hairstyle which becomes especially desirable during summers, the fishtail is easy to make, rarely taking up any time. Resembling a fishbone skeleton, this style has the option of being at the back of the head, or as a side plait. With the ease it provides, and the fashionable vibes it emits, the fishtail braid is the go-to look for many teenage girls.

  7. Sleek Straight Half Up-do A look for the red carpet, this hairstyle mesmerizes those who view it. It features straightened hair with the front worn up, or back. This could include having the front in a small pony going back, giving a half-up, half-down style. Or some backcombing at the front to give the hair a heavier look. With the help of certain products, the front could also be slicked back, for a Kendall Jenner inspired look.

With newer hairstyles coming in with the passing of each day, such as the lobster-tail braid, the list keeps on updating. However, such styles require time as well as practice, a combination rarely found in our busy lives. Over here, the idea of mobile hairdressing comes in, to rid us of our worries. Wish to remain in trend, and be able to say you’re having a ‘good hair day’? Well then, mobile hairdressing is the answer to our hairstyling needs.