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Seven Steps to Stylish Hair

Seven Steps To Stylish Hair

Great hair is one of the first things people notice about you. Whenever you go out in public make sure you are putting your best foot forward and have your hair together. Whether you’re going out for a party and have all day to get ready, or just want to look sharp before a meeting, here are seven things to do to get your hair looking great and step off with the right foot.

Shampoo properly.

Investing in a top-quality, professional shampoo that matches your hair type is key to a good start to great hair. If you have colored hair, make sure that the formulation of the shampoo matches up with your hair. The same goes for if your hair is thin, greasy, thick, or curly. Talk to your mobile haircut stylist, and get them to advise you on what they think is best. Too often people randomly pick a shampoo off the shelf at the grocery store without any regard for what best fits their hair type personally, when what in actuality is the proper way to choose is to pick a shampoo that best suits them and their hair.

Condition your hair deeply.

Hair conditioner’s formulation often will add body and shine to your hair, but only when used properly. Using hair conditioner improperly can be quite like how uncomfortable and scratchy clothes are if a fabric conditioner isn’t used when doing the laundry. The same concept applies to your hair. Another reason to use a conditioner is that it will help to keep your hair static-free. Static-free hair will reduce your hair’s likeliness to get tangled and dried out. The proper way to use conditioner is to massage the conditioner from the root of the hair to the tips.l Once applied, leave it set in place for a good 5 minutes to allow it to work its magic before rinsing your hair thoroughly.

Towel Dry your hair completely.

Hair dryers today will not harm your hair like hair dryers of the past, but they can still cause damage to your hair if concentrated on the hair for an extended period of time. If you are going blow dry your hair make sure to get your hair dry quickly. The real key is to keep the blow dryer moving over your hair and scalp, paying special attention to not linger in one place for too long. If time permits, it is always best to use the dryer on a cool setting to avoid unnecessary damage that can be caused by heat.

Eat a properly-balanced diet.

The old saying goes “you are what you eat”. Your hair is no different. Hair follicles are nourished by what you eat and drink. Your hair will never look its best if you don’t eat a balanced diet consisting of the proper amount of vitamins and minerals. These are mostly acquired when eating a diet replete with vegetables and fruits in balance with your proteins and starches. Hair is mostly made of protein and water, so make sure your diet includes plenty. Make sure you hydrate properly through drinking water too. Not only will this help your entire system, as most of your body is comprised of water along with your muscles, but consuming a proper amount of water will help flush impurities out of your body.

Use high-quality hair straighteners.

Inexpensive hair straighteners quite simply do not do a very good job. There are many products in life where you can find less expensive items that substitute for quality and you don’t see much degradation in its performance. Hair straighteners are not one of those products. The cheaper versions do not get hot enough to iron out the kinks properly on a single pass. They also do seem to be made of material that allows your hair to pass through smoothly. Use of a hair straightener that has ceramic or glass heating plates is a must., It is also best to use sure to use a model that has adjustable temperature settings. Ceramic plates will help discharge static electricity and leave your hair looking straight for a much longer period of time.

Use a good Serum.

There are many products available that are designed to smooth your hair. Most professional hair stylists will be able to guide you towards a serum on the market that will help to keep your hair looking its best. A hair serum is formulated using silicone that is applied typically as a liquid to your hair. It adds a protective layer to your hair fibers, giving it a shine and protection. Hair serums work in a number of ways to improve your hair: they relax the hair, they smooth your hair, and they reduce your hair’s attraction of the static electricity that will cause it to frizz and fray.

Choose a good barber or hair stylist

Barbers and hair stylists go to school for an extended period of time to work in the profession. Yes, part of the reason they are required to go through a school and become licensed at their craft is to ensure proper safety when dealing with the public. Proper sanitation techniques are learned for sure, but they also spend countless hours on understanding the proper way to cut your hair. Today’s trend is to use a mobile barber service, like SpaDash, to reduce the stress of getting your hair cut done. Haircut delivery will make your experience of getting your haircut done a relaxing one and give you more time to do other things in your day. This helps to reduce stress and allow you to concentrate on doing other things with your time to make your hair look its absolute best.

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