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Trendy Haircuts Can Change Your Look

To change up your look, you could make good on those new year’s resolutions to eat cleaner, train harder and pack away fewer pints. That sounds exhausting. Or you could throw out everything in your wardrobe and start again. That sounds expensive. You could even go under the knife. But that is just plain crazy. Fortunately, not all changes to reinvent yourself are as drastic (or painful). A new and improved hairstyle can make a big difference to your overall appearance. So don’t be scared to change up your look with a great haircut.

Chop it off

Getting a new hairstyle can sometimes be scary, because it might not turn out as you wanted it in your head. The good news is that it doesn’t just come from what’s on top. The length on the back and sides also can enhance both your face shape and existing hairstyle. Men’s haircuts can really go this route.

Going shorter on the back and sides is a great way to refresh your look without making any drastic changes that you will have to spend time getting used to or even end up absolutely hating. You’re simply sharpening up what’s already there and can therefore still wear your preferred style on top. There are many celebrity haircuts that go this route.

To make this a low-risk decision, consider features such as the size of your ears and the length of your face to avoid making either look comically out of proportion. The best possible solution is to consult your barber because they’ll be able to work something out to go with your own face shape. The hairstyle you show your barber as a reference will very often need some adjusting.

Give yourself a Fringe

Despite being a staple snip since the nineties (we have our moms and their bowls to thank for that), the fringe fell out of favor at the start of the decade, with new hairstyles like the pompadour taking over. However, the look has made a comeback with plenty of variations that are effective for framing a range of face shapes.

A fringe would be a good option if you’re looking for something low-risk, as if you don’t like the look, you can always just push it back. You can also ask your barber to sort you out with a two-in-one haircut that can be changed just by the way you style it. This means that if you have a style which is already quite long at the front, you can now bring the hair forward into a textured fringe with some length. The alternative, of course, is to push it across or away from your forehead.

Switching color

There is a lot of guys on the Hollywood scene that decided to take a literal plunge into a bucket of bleach when they felt like they needed a new hairstyle. Some of these guys are: Zac Efron, Zayn Malik and Jonah Hill. Of course, bleach bath would be a bit dangerous and frying, but luckily there is a lot of dyes on the market that are more suited to the ones who are scared of commitment.

Dyeing is a process that’s you should always be left to the barber professionals, but there are semi-permanent dyes that wash out in six to eight weeks and gradually fade away. Bleached hair might work for a range of styles, from buzz cuts to dreads, but maybe if you are really young and if you are not in a professional environment. Bleached hair definitely won’t fly at every age and in every office, so consult the advice of your friends and your barber before putting anything on your head. Six weeks can be a very long period if you have your hair color and have to wear a hat all the time.

Give it a good fade

Beyond growing it out (and we sure know how awkward in-between stage is), guys with short haircuts are often limited when it comes to options for a restyle. Luckily, the sharpest hair moves of the last few years isn’t about to fade away anytime soon: in place of a single length on the back and sides, opt for a cut that graduates from short too long.

There are many different types of fade. For the lowest risk, go for a low fade which is about an inch from the natural hairline and can grow out relatively quickly. Similar to getting a short back and sides, the results won’t stick around for long if you change your mind. However, if you do decide to keep it, there are plenty of opportunities to move on to more extreme versions such as high fades and even skin fades.