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Cut Hair at SpaDash

The way people have gotten their hair cut has not changed in literally 100s of years. They go to a salon or barbershop. The sit and wait until somone tells them they are next. SpaDash is disrupting this business model and is putting the power back into the hands of the customer and provider.

The number of benefits for making the best of your career at SpaDash are almost too numerous to document, but here are some of the key points for wny you should take the reigns of your haircutting career and begin cutting hair with SpaDash today.

Own Your Time

Gone are the days where someone sets your schedule and you have to be there during the times that the hairsalon your work for sets. You are the boss and get to set your own schedule. Does your kid have a dance recital or play at school you don't want to miss? No worries, just block the time off on your calendar. Setting your schedule within the SpaDash Provider app is a piece of cake and gives you the flexibility to work when you want and as little or much as you want to do at any given time.

Do you have a few extra hours you could work unexpectedly? You can simply log into the SpaDash haircutting app and become available and let appointments happen. You are in complete control of when you work and how often.

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Earn More

SpaDash Providers earn more of the pie than at a traditional hair salon or barber shop arrangement. Many earnings arrangement include getting some flat rate per hour or a 30-40% commission on sales, SpaDash allows you to earn up to 95% commission on every sale, plus pays your for mileage travelled to each appointment.

A SpaDash Provider earns more than a living wage and can compete with even the high-end salons.

You Deserve A Reward

When a company is born in a city it takes on the culture of the town. SpaDash was founded to provide haircuts in Austin, Texas. We take having a good time seriously. It is part of what makes Austin such a great city. Well, we want to make sure the Providers of SpaDash also have a good time and are rewarded for the hard work they put in to their career. Our Bonus Program rewards you every step of the way. You get cash, trips, concerts and more, all for just doing the job you love anyway.

Work Hard, Play Hard can be a little cliche, but we espouse to live that and want to make sure our team is taken care of and enjoys their career to the fullest.