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Woman Stylist Bonus

Haircut Bonus Pay

You Deserve A Bonus

Bonus pay is a big part of being a SpaDash Provider. Once you apply and are an active Provider you are part of an exclusive team that gets perks for performance. What does that mean?

It means that you earn points for every haircut appointment you do and with each level you get paid a bonus. That's how things should work, right? You work hard and you get rewarded. Our bonus structure is setup to allow you to get the best out of your career. Here are the stages to our bonus plan:

Silver Level

100 Appointments

You earn $200 Cash for reaching this level. You now have access to be invited to special events throughout the year.

Gold Level

500 Appointments

You earn $500 Cash for reaching the Gold Level. You now get invited to all special SpaDash events.

Platinum Level

1500 Appointments

$1,000 Cash is paid to you whenever you do your 1500th appointment in a year.

Amsterdam Bonus

Diamond Level

2500 Appointments

An all-expenses paid 5-day trip to Cancun is awarded to the special SpaDash Providers that enter into the Diamond Club level.

Your Earnings Are In Your Hands

Not only do you get the benfit of getting paid about 70% of all haircutting services, plus $0.99 per mile of each appointment, you also have the ability to really watch your earnings grow as you get to the next level in your total appointments for the year.

How easy is it to get to the top level and earn an all-expenses paid trip to an exotic location? If you work a normal 5-day work week and average just over 7 appointments per day, you reach the Diamond Level. If you make it to the top level as one of the top-20 providers for the year, you will have made thousands in bonus money plus get a great vacation on top of it all.