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How Much Do SpaDash Stylists Make?

How Much Do Mobile Hairstylists Make

Make More Money. Time. Freedom.

Ride Hailing drivers get paid for the miles they drive. Hairstylists and barbers get paid a certain rate for the hair they cut. At SpaDash you get both. You earn a great rate for the haircut service you perform AND you get paid for the mileage you travel.

SpaDash Partners get paid 70% of the haircut service price. SpaDash pays for marketing, credit card processing and the rest of the expenses out of the remining share. You also get paid $0.99 for every mile you travel between haircut appointments and part of the convenience fees a customer pays. That adds up. Over time you can really bring in serious earnings.

We Handle The Payments

Because customers put their payment information into the SpaDash app, we take care of all the payments for the service. There is no need or expense on your part to process credit card payments or deal with any of the hassles of merchant account processing fee and laws. We have you covered.

The rates for service are set for you location and you can see exactly what you make on every transaction right within your SpaDash Provider app. It breaks down every appointment and shows both the pay from the haircutting service and the total of the payment from the convenience fee. You can track just how your earnings grow right from your phone.

Barbers Get Paid More

Tips Handled Right in App

A big part of the profession of being a hair care professional is having access to gratiuity for providing exceptional service. As part of the checkout process, customers are encouraged to provide gratuity for your dedication to making them look great.

Having someone prompted for a tip is always a great way to encourage more generosity towards the provider. SpaDash manages all of this and these payments to you are included in your reports available right inside your app.

Perks A Plenty

Being one of the first providers in your city afford you the ability to become a SpaDash Providing Founder, which opens up a whole bonus pay structure that elevates with the more services you provide.

Of course a lot of our bonuses are cash that is paid out, but we are all about having fun as well, and our bonuses also include free entry into concerts, special events, dinner parties and exotic vacations. You are a member of the team. SpaDash takes care of our valued providers.