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Grow Your Haircutting Business With SpaDash

Watch Your Business Grow.

One doesn't have to pay very close attention to know that the on-demand market is how all service industry items are going. People expect to get things on their own timeframe and not have to drive or wait. SpaDash is the perfect blend between technology and fashion that give a platform to our independent providers to be just that, independent.

As a SpaDash Provider you get to create your own schedule and work the hours that you want to work, while making a great living and getting some crazy good perks too.

Get More Clients

If you have worked in a hairsalon or barbershop for any given time you know that the number of clients that you can see sometimes is regulated by the location of the building. As they say in retail it is all about location, location, location. This is true in almost every service business. As a SpaDash Provider you aren't restricted to a particular location. Our marketing efforts will bring the clients to you. Anyone can schedule an appointment on the app with just a click of the button.

You probably don't go to certain restaurants. That is probably a bi-product of its location and you don't even realize it. Some retail locations aren't as good as others. If you are working a chair in a hair salon then you are basically restricted to customers within a radius that have no less than a dozen other options, many of which are easier to get to or have better visibility.

Get More Hair Cutomers

Build Your Regulars

One great business feature that SpaDash provides you is the ability for you to grow your regulars. Working in traditional hair salon or barber shop you are limited to the people that walk through the doors. Those people live within a limited space. With SpaDash the entire population around you gets to be your customers. Do a great job and make an impression and that customer can add you to their "favorites" inside of the app, so the next time they get a haircut you are top of their list.

You also have the ability to give people your name or license number and they can easily find you on SpaDash when they book their next appointment

We Spend Money On Marketing and Advertising

Ask yourself, how much does the salon or barbershop you work in now advertise and market to bring in more customers? To be fair, it is hard for them to justify spending a bunch of money on radio, TV and other advertising because they only can have people come in for the location around them.

SpaDash is available across the entire city you are in. When we spend money on advertising it goes to everyone in your city. Advertising works for SpaDash because there is a SpaDash Provider in every part of the city that gets to benefit from that advertising. It just makes sense. You get the benefit of that advertising spend by more customers requesting your service.