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Order a licensed hair care pro to come to you now

Haircut Delivery

Haircut Delivery to Your Home.

Think about the last time you had your hair cut, or worse yet, the last time you took your kids to get their haircuts done. You probably wasted well over an hour just in travel time to and from the hair salon along with the time spent in the waiting area. Haircut Delivery changes all of that and give you all that time gack to do other things as a mobile hairstylist comes to your home to cut hair.

Haircut delivery from SpaDash has a licensed hair care professional that comes to you with a complete mobile hairsalon that is setup right in the comfort ofyour home. There's no need to worry about fighting traffic or waiting area crowds anymore.

Haircut Delivery to Your Office

There is nothing more frustrating than to have pressures at work and trying to juggle your peronsal life, along with chores. Use Haircut Delivery to help alleviate some of that pressure. Order SpaDash to come to your office to cut your hair or get a styling done.

You can order SpaDash haircut delivery at a time that's available in your calendar. There's no need to leave the office and fight traffic just to get your haircut. If you're under a deadline you can even do a phone call while your haircut is being done. Don't worry about the mess either. SpaDash brings a single-use sanitized hair tarp to collect all the hair trimmings and cleans up after your haircut appointment is done.

Mobile Haircut Delivery

Mobile Salon Station

Having SpaDash come to you to cut your hair is not someone showing up and cutting your hair at your kitchen table. Your SpaDash Mobile Hairstylist bring a mobile hair salon with them. The mobile hair salon station is complete with a lighted mirror and bluetooth speakers so you get a full hair salon experience with haircut delivery.

The mobile salon station is not only a workstation for your mobile barber to store their tools for convenient hair styling, it also serves to allow you to see exactly how your new look is shaping up during your haircut appointment.

Clean and Safe

Your safety and the cleanliness of your home or office is of upmost importance to us. Every appointment begins and ends with sanitization. Before every haircut appointment begins the SpaDash Mobile Hairstylist places down a sanitized, single-use hair tarp to colect all the hair trimmings. It ends with a cleanup of your location and sanitization of all equipment with a bleach mixture equivalent to that used by clinical laboratories in decontamination of infectious disease equipment.

Your SpaDash mobile barber also follows strict safety protocols as governed by the state of Texas. They must follow strict sanition guidelines to maintain their state-issued license. They also wear masks and use hand sanitizer during this time to ensure a safe haircut.

Professional Barbers and Stylists

Each and every SpaDash mobile stylist has been licensed by the state of Texas as a professional cosmetologist. This is a laborious process that requires each to go through an extensive schooling period, followed by passing a standardized test in order to be issue their license. As part of being a SpaDash mobile stylist, they not only have to pass a background check performed by the state to obtain their licnese, but an additional background check performed by an independent third-party.

Haircut Delivery Mobile App

Ordering a haircut for delivery can't be any easier. Download the SpaDash app from either the Apple or Google Play store. When you open the app it is simple to order a mobile haircut stylist to come to your location. You have the option to choose a particular stylist or select any mobile barber that is in your proximity and book any open time that fits with your schedule.

The mobile app keeps track of your appointment and notifies you when your provider is on their way for your haircut or hair styling appointment. The app will also notify you when they arrive. At the end of the appointment you have the ability to both rate the service given and optionally offer a gratuity, all right in the app.