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Mobile Haircuts

Cut Your Hair. Anytime. Anywhere.

With all of the conveniences in the world today, why would one want to spend time driving to a hair salon or barbershop to get their haircut, rather than using a mobile barbershop? They used to do the same thing back in the 1800's. The only difference being they were on a horse rather than driving their car.

The number of benefits for getting your haircut with SpaDash are too numerous to count. Here is a brief list of the reasons why ordering a SpaDash barber would be great use of your time.

Save Time.

The average person drive 15-30 minutes to a place where they can get their haircut. After they get there they wait 10, 20, or 30 minutes or more to get into the barber chair- even if they have a haircut appointment.

After they get done with getting their haircut, they then have to drive another 15-30 minutes back to their home or office. Think about all the time that they spent just driving and waiting. There is definitely a better way to get a haircut. SpaDash is that way.

Boys Hairstyle

On Your Schedule

You can order a SpaDash Stylist through the app to match the time you need. Did you just get told you have to go see a client tomorrow and neeed to get your haircut as soon as possible? Try getting into a traditional barber or hair salon for that. Because the SpaDash Provider network has stylists working in all parts of the city, you can get one to match your timeline with just a few touches on your phone.

There are more important things to do with your time. Getting your haircut shouldn't be something that takes your time from you. SpaDash on your own schedule.

Where You Want

Gone are the days of having to sit along a wall with a bunch of strangers, reaching whatever publication the hairsalon has out on the table for you to read. You can SpaDash wherever you are. One of the options you make when you order your time is to set the location of your choice.

At work and need to get a project done so you can make your kid's event? No problem. Just order SpaDash and a SpaDash Provider will come to you at the time you choose. You can continue working on your project in the meantime.

Are you a busy dad that has haircut duty for the kids and want to watch the game? No worries there. SpaDash and have them come to the house. No more having to keep your other kids in check at the barber shop while one is getting their's cut. The kids can play like they normally would until it is their time with the SpaDash Stylist.

Cut By Who You Want

Do you like to build a rapport with your hairstylist? SpaDash has you covered. Part of the process allows you to pick the stylist you want to have cut your hair if you want. You can also favorite the stylists you prefer and have SpaDash's matching algorithm give you the person you want, at the time you want, at the place you want. Magic.

Don't care about who cuts your hair? You just want a quality haircut as quickly as possible? That is an option as well. As part of your order you can select any stylist and have the closest one come to you that meets your standards and cut your hair. No matter whether you need a men's haircut, a women's haircut or even a haircut for your kids, SpaDash has you covered.