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No Hassle Haircut For Kids At Your Home.

Getting haircuts for the kids is a big chore. First you have to load the kids in the car and drive to a hair salon or barbershop, then keep them entertained while they wait to get into a barber chair to get the haircut, then keep track of the other kids while trying to direct the stylist on how the haircut should go. What a pain.

Don't let the kid's haircuts become a source of stress for you or the family. The number of benefits you gain by having a licensed provider come to your home are numerous. Here are some primary reasons to get your boy's or girl's haircuts at home.

Get Your Chores Done.

How many things do you have to get done in a typical weekend? There's laundry, yardwork, cleaning the house, food preparation, and the list goes on. Add in a haircut for the kids and you've added 2-3 more hours of time gone.

Instead of loading the kids into the car and heading off to a barbershop or hair salon, open your SpaDash app right on your phone and order a licensed SpaDash provider to come to the house and perform the haircuts for the kids. While the kids are getting their haircut you can knock out some of those chores you need to get done at the same time. Handling both haircuts in parallel with your tasks will give you and your family hours and hours of time back to have more quality time together.

Boys Haircut

No More Managing Kids

Let's be honest, every parent can agree that sometimes taking the kids out in public and keeping them in order can be a task. Add in sitting still in the waiting area of a barbershop and this challenge can be multiplied.

Order SpaDash to the house and your boys and girls can do all kinds of things in the comfort of the home while they wait to get their haircut. Clean their room. Help with chores. Watch their favorite Netflix show. Whatever you want them to do to keep busy. All of this is much easier to handle at home.

Quick and Quality Hairstyles

You want your kids to look great. Our stylists have all the tools and tricks to make both boys and girls look their best for school, family photos, vacations, or holidays.

Sometimes when the pressure of a big event like school pictures or a holiday like Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas comes up, the hairsalons are packed with people needing to get their kid's haircuts done in time. Don't fight the crowds any more. Make a haircut reservation right from your phone and solve that problem

Cleanliness Is Key

Don't worry about the mess a haircut can create. Every single haircut by SpaDash starts by putting down a fresh, single-use biodegradable hair tarp to capture all the hair and trimmings off your floor. For anything that falls out of the tarp zone, every stylist is trained on how to clean the area at the end of the service to ensure you home stays clean and fresh as the haircuts they provide.