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Haircuts for Men

Men need a different experience when getting their hair cut. Yes they want to have a quality haircut that makes them look as good as they possibly can, but they also are all about speed and convenience. There is nothing worse than waisting time sitting in a barber-shop or hair-salon waiting to get into a barber's chair, reading bad magazine and listening to screaming kids.

Getting your hair cut should not be like sitting in a bus terminal. You deserve better, you already have too much to do. Things you enjoy should take priority over wasting your time driving to and from a barber, then waiting in line. Even if you have a haircut appointment you typically still have to wait for the barber or hairstylist to finish the haircut appointment before you.

Quit wasting your time driving and waiting. Download the SpaDash app today for your Apple or Android device and order a licensed barber or stylist to come your home, office or wherever you need to cut your hair. After you order, continue to work on that project you need to get done or do the next thing on your list of chores. The choice is yours how you spend your time.

Time is Better Than Money.

Time is Money is so cliche. Money is what makes the world go. You need to have it to do all the things you want to do. However, your time is valuable. Really valuable. Let's look at just how much time you waste when getting your haircut.

Let's assume you live or work 15 minutes from a local barbershop or hair-salon and you are one those that likes to get an appointment. You will spend let's say 5 minutes of your time booking that appointment. So far you have 35 minutes wasted getting your haircut. 5 minutes to book, 15 minutes to the barber and 15 minutes back. Add in another 10 minutes on average waiting when you get to the barber and you are up to 45 minutes of time wasted. If you don't get an appointment because who knows when you can fit getting a haircut in your schedule and like to walk-in, that time can push to well over an hour.

If you get your haircut on average of 8 times per year and waste 45-minutes to over-an-hour of time for each appointment that means you spend 6 hours to 8 hours per year on just driving and waiting. How much more can you get done with 8 hours? That's a whole day of work.

Haircuts For Men

Haircut Speed

You want a quality haircut when you get your grooming done, but really at the end of the day getting your hair cut is a chore that needs to be done. If there was a magic wand to not have to sit in a barber chair and get a haircut most guys would elect that route.

With SpaDash, our licensed professional barbers and hairstylists are outfitted for speed. Each one has gone through extensive training to ensure when they get to your home or office they can easily setup all of their equipment and get down to the business of making you look great.

Haircuts At Home, Office, or Wherever

Don't go sit in an uncomfortable chair at a barbershop or salon and wait for the barber to yell "Next" to have you come in to get your hair cut. You can order a licensed barber or stylist right from your phone in the SpaDash app to have somone come to your location to cut your hair.

No matter whether you are cranking on a spreadsheet or powerpoint for your upcoming meetings at the office, or whether you are at home trying to put together that newly-purchase BBQ pit, don't waste your time making an appointment and then driving to go get that done. Order a SpaDash provider to come to your work or home and continue working on getting those things done while SpaDash comes your way. Your time is yours. You should use it wisely. After your haircut you will be done with the project and can go hit the pool, the links or whatever you have next on your list to do

Haircut Services Men Want

You can get the services you need to make you look great. From the latest styles and trends in men's hair fashion to how to properly groom and shape a beard or moustache, your SpaDash Provider has you covered and will work extra hard to ensure you come out looking your best, even when dealing with common men's hair problems.

So no matter whether you have date night lined up or a business trip on the horizen, using SpaDash is a smart chioce to make you look smart.