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Order a licensed hair care pro to come to you now

Women Haircuts

Women Haircuts and Blowouts.

Have the best in life. Don't waste your time going to the salon to get your haircuts or style, have a SpaDash licensed hair stylist come to your house or work and make you look your best.

SpaDash does both haircuts for women and blowouts to make you ready for the boardroom or a night on the town. Get pampered in the luxury of your own environment.

Look Your Best.

The stylists at SpaDash have been curtting and styling womens hair for years. They are proud of their craft and want to make you look your best. If you are in need of a simple haircut to get everything clean and proper or fun and exhilarating, your SpaDash stylist can make it happen. In a hurry.

Besides just getting a haircut, if you are wanting to get ready to go out or ready for the big meeting at work, ordering a blowout with SpaDash is sure to get you ready.

Haircuts For Women

When You Want

It is super convenient to get a stylist when you want to fit your schedule. Just open the SpaDash app and order a haircut appointment. You get to choose the stylist's appointment times that match both your schedule and their schedule and get them right on time.

Your time is valuable, so getting things when you want them should be an important part of getting your hair looking its best.

Getting into a traditional salon can be a challenge at times. Have a date tonight that just came up? No worries, just order SpaDash and someone can come to you to get you ready for a big night.

Friends That Style Together

Are you looking for a great idea for a social gathering for your group of girl friends? Order SpaDash to come in and do a hairstyling party. Whether everyone gets haircuts or just blowouts to give a style that's unique, a SpaDash party breaks the norm and is a great alternative to a girl's night out.

Order in some wine and snack and make an event out of it.

You Choose Your Stylist

Want to use the same stylist to craft your hair everytime you get an appointment? No worries. You can add any SpaDash Provider to your favorites list and select them whenever you order your appointment. You can select to have a particular stylist, any stylist from your favorites list, or any available stylist that has the skills to match your hair type.

Safety First

Each and every SpaDash stylist is licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation and has gone through extensive background screening both by the State of Texas and privately by GoodHire through SpaDash.

Unlike ride-sharing workers that don't have any special education investment other than a driver's license, the provider's performing services for SpaDash have spent tens-of-thousands of dollars to become licensed by the state. Our core technology also measures the location of each customer and each provider to ensure every person involved in a transaction stays safe. It is our top priority.