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Outdoor Haircuts

Haircuts Outdoors

There are many reasons to get a haircut outside. At current, people are concerned with being in a confined space with many other people due to COVID. Having an outdoor haircut relieves that apprehension. Another real benefit of an outdoor appointment is enjoying fresh air, as those smells and sounds of barbershops and hair salons are replaced with nature and birds. Finally getting an outside haircut by a mobile hairstylist allows you to save time and save yourself from wasted time and crowded rooms. It is the safest haircut today.

Fresh Air

Part of what makes getting an outdoor haircut so great is that, well, it's outside in the fresh air. This gives an experience that is different from travelling to a barbershop or hair salon where you are confined in tight quarters with a bunch of other people. Getting your haircut outside disipates the air your are breating

Gone are the smells of perms, coloring, aerosoles and other odors often taken in while at a barbershop or salon. In is the fresh air of the outdoors.

Outside Haircut

Mobile Hair Salon

Getting an at home haircut means that you can get it done inside or outside. Whichever you choose, you will still be treated to a full salon experience, complete with a mobile salon station that has a full lit mirror and even bluetooth speakers to enjoy music.

You and your family can have the same professional experience of getting your haircut by a licensed professional at home as you can at a brick-and-mortar salon location, plus you can do it outside.

Safest Haircut

There is no safer way to get a haircut than an outdoor haircut. First, SpaDash mobile hair stylists are licensed hair care professionals, which mean that each has been approved by the state to conform to strict guidelines in sanitation and safety techniques, along with how to perform quality haircuts.

Having haircuts done outside protects you and your family from being in confined spaces that typically have hundreds of people a day crammed into a tight space. By having an outdoor appointment you remove much of the contamination elements that can be in the air from such crowds.

Haircut Delivery App

Ordering an outdoor haircut for you and your family is a snap. Just download the SpaDash app from the Apple or Google app stores. The SpaDash app gives you all appointments available in your area to have a mobile hairstyist come to you.

Haircut Delivery to you. You already get groceries and restaurants delivered. Now it's time to get haircuts delivered too.